Thursday, 19 January 2012

London Occupy Camp appeal eviction order

It won't be long before the London Occupy protest camp outside St Paul's Cathedral will be removed by force.

Today protesters are appealing against an eviction order from the City of London corporation, the big financiers who have no idea how us, the 99% struggle with our lives. Of course with the full backing of the Tory party, whose interests lie within that square mile. They can't stand the symbolic images of church and country, side by side, making the news and reminding people daily of the unfair inequality, educating people daily, that there is an alternative.

I for one am gutted because the Occupy Village is a kind of utopia. One of the times I went there I wondered why there were no charities being vocal about homelessness (that being my thing) and was about to leave when I saw a sign ontop of some tents...HELP THE FORGOTTEN HOMELESS.

I got chatting to one of the guys who'd said he lived on the streets and he'd arrived the night before and had been given a tent. Another had just arrived and made the poster. I'd seen it, come over, been offered a cup of tea by a neighbour and pretty soon we were all chatting.

Imagine this community, where no-one is excluded, everyone has access to shelter, first aid, food and education.

Silly me, perhaps you live in a community which has shelter, first aid, food and education, but if you do it's because it is exclusive, groups excluded. Westminster is desperately trying to rid itself of homeless people so it can pretend the problem does not exist.

There is no homeless problem in the Occupy London camp; what people want is a better world for everyone so now they are going to be evicted.

This global movement for greater equality will continue; don't lose sight of it even if the media tries hard to blind you.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't make much sense to me that the Ocuupy protest camp will be forcibly removed especially since its outside a Church and at request of those who manage the Church. I say this since didn't Jesus throw the money lenders out of the surely the clergy should, according to what Jesus's teachings...should be supporters of Occupy London and not the bankers/the government??? Frankly the fact that they've got the order order to have the camp removed only demonstrates that their moral compass has been affected, badly, by this thing called cash and power.

Stigmum said...

The bishops and priests have resigned, but the board of the church anyway are mostly wealthy business laymen who work in the City of London and in cohoots with the laymen of the Corporation of London.
They are blind and do not see (there's some such quote in the bible isn't there?)
They are blind and do not want to see
(that's my view)