Friday, 6 January 2012

Pregnant standing in the Killing Fields - a dream

I was pregnant in my dream last night. Quite heavily so, standing in a courtyard.
I could hear people being executed. I could hear gun shots.
Around the corner of a concrete building walked two people, two Asian people; a man and a woman in army green prisoners fatigues.
I wanted to look away, I didn't want to see them get shot but they simply stood there looking at me and as I recognised them I woke up.

I didn't/don't know what it means really though I when I was little my dream job was to go to places like Cambodia and inform people what was happening there. I would report injustice. I didn't do that though did I? I did a whole load of different jobs but not that one.

Google's just told me my being pregnant is a good sign

Dreams about pregnancy often symbolize creativity, new ideas, projects or relationships. (

I hope so I hope so I hope so

For all those caught in wars right now, globally, everywhere, my thoughts are with you.

Now, what am I going to do with my life?


Michelloui | The American Resident said...

So... in reference to the post just before this one, in which you ended by saying 'create yourself don't kill yourself' do you think there's a connection to this dream?

Create. Yourself.

Stigmum said...

At the time I couldn't see a connection, but then the universe delivered a series of opportunites, which I've posted which connects totally to this dream. Only the two Asian people may be too frightened and the dream can't become a reality without their help. They help me so I can help everyone. Problem is they have got what I want, what other people want and need and don't want to lose it and end up back there themselves.

I told myself to be positive this year but it's really hard, especially if I'm hell bent on pursuing the housing stuff. I'm too close to it.

Thanks though, for your comment! It's a dream I can neither follow nor abandon.

We must all try and create ourselves, even if we're not sure how;)