Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter Wipeout

It's a telly programme I think. Caught some of it at the weekend. Constants have to get across this really difficult assault course and the winner is he or she who does it in the quickest time.

The atos questionnaire I have to fill in to ascertain how fit I am for work feels like the winter wipeout assault course. Anything you write, you think these people who have been commissioned by the government, will knock you straight back into the water. Only there's no swimming to safety with this government game. You have to climb back on to be knocked back down. Careful you don't drown now...

It's how it feels anyway.
Is that how you feel?
I'm exhausted
Wiped Out
"I'm so tired of this shit," I want to write on my form.
Don't give a shit, they'll say.

I'll let you know how they rubber stamp me, bash me, kick me, thrash me.
Just need to get to the end of the form then sign and send it off.



Jennysmith said...

Think Son and Husband like that programme. Is it a bit like It's A Knockout? set in ARgentina?

Yes, I'm sure there's a few comments you'd like to put on that form! xxx

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Good luck with the form. I know it can be exhausting. Keep up some momentum, just push through it. x

Stigmum said...

Thanks laydees! Yes Jen, it is like It's a knockout! Both the telly programme and government medical questionnaires.
"I've only got 6 months to live!"
"Wrong answer!"
It's done now though, it's done.
Oh and no idea where the programme is set but I think Atos taking care of sick British people's interests are a french company so maybe it is Argentina!