Friday, 13 January 2012

Consultations nobody knows anything about

I'm wondering if the 22,000 people on Camden's housing waiting list, or the 5 million people on waiting lists around the UK, know the housing minister has issued a consultation on the allocation of social housing and wants their input?

I found out because I follow the minister on twitter...the people I know who are affected by new housing laws/are in council flats/temporary accommodation do not follow the minister (not that he tweets and retweets and retweets this consultation process, no not at all)

I ask because apparently we're consulted on lots of things but I can't recall being consulted on anything that might matter, like the destruction of the NHS or the implementation of a high speed rail network which sees my place on the waiting list slip ever lower as existing council tenants have their homes bulldozed and have to be found alternative like for like accommodation.

I am also now suitably cynical having marched against a war that went ahead to know that it doesn't matter whether we're consulted or not, the government will go ahead with what it wants to go ahead with even if the Lords step in and defeat their amendments.

At my volunteering yesterday, a person there who works within housing at the council did not know there's a national consultation going on.

This consultation is for us:
This consultation, says the minister, is aimed primarily at local authorities. Housing associations, social housing tenants, and waiting list applicants, as well as voluntary and community organisations representing tenants and applicants are also expected to have an interest

Next week (oh really stiggers? really?? can't we just get it over with now?) I'll see how new policies hurt me and my son. From what I've read already, the minister likes to hurt me and my son. What hurts us hurts millions and I can best demonstrate how I feel about it if I write about how I feel about it because I wouldn't be surprised if others felt the same way as me.

Here it is for you. It's 70 pages long but you can skim it:

(Oh Stigs, why can't we put links up anymore that highlight and lead people straight there?)

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