Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Unable to lobby when lobbying's needed

I missed it yesterday; the single mothers self defence corp lobbying parliament against welfare reforms
I'm missing it tonight; Defend council housing against the 8% rise in tenants' rents.
I am a single mother
I am not a tenant
I am against rent rises everywhere
and against pay freezes

I am not a tenant.

Between you and me, existing tenants enjoy really good affordable rents. I don't think they know, or maybe they do of course, it's why they're lobbying.

What I mean therefore, is, for example, two bed properties that I bid on are around £120 a week. The cheapest are around £118, not much lower.

Existing tenants, their rent might be £84 a week for the same thing. I know!! Fabulous isn't it?!

I'm not not going to the lobby because I'm not a tenant.

In many ways I'm grateful there are more people to shout out against expensive rents. I'm hoarse after begging and begging for 8 years for affordable rents. Only you, reader, hear me, I could hug my followers for not switching off.

I'm not going to the lobby because

well, the fight's not in me at the moment

all I can do is eat
crisps and chocolate mostly

Iceland are doing good deals on them at the moment

My son didn't even know I'd bought a six pack of cheese and onion crisps for £1 because I'd eaten them all before he got home!

The exclamation mark is because I've realised that's quite an achievement!

Actually that doesn't need an exclamation mark
Achievement would be making it to a lobby
Thank you all of those who go.

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