Monday, 9 January 2012

Shapps says housing allocation unfair, but for wrong reasons

For once it seems me and the housing minister agree when he says that the housing allocation system is unfair but this little report, as I glance with mine eyes, is flawed beyond belief and kicks me into an early grave...

Flexible tenancies for all which you know I'm against

"a new 'Affordable Rent' tenancy will be offered by housing associations to some new tenants of social housing from April 2011. Affordable Rent properties will offer fixed term tenancies at a rent higher than social rent - with landlords able to set rents at up to 80 per cent of local market rents. How can affordable rent be higher rent? Ey?? EY??????

As for the likes of statorily homeless like me:

"Currently some homeless families are turning down the decent private rented accommodation they've been offered as a settled home, and demanding to be provided with expensive temporary accommodation, at huge cost to the taxpayer, until a social home becomes available."

Demanding? Where did he get that?

Private renting not expensive? PRIVATE RENTING NOT EXPENSIVE? So why the cap? Why are thousands going to lose their homes? Fortunately statutorily homeless are exempt from this, so that's why they want everyone to go private, so no-one is exempt from punitive legislation and insecure housing.

A two bedroom private flat near me is £450 a week according to local estate agent office which is £100 dearer than me here in temporary.

Here's the bloody awful article which I stupidly read, then wept: - oops, it's dated 2010 - fuck - after I sent ministers my Diary of an Election Eviction which I'm thinking more and more they used as a template for cuts...

This is the article where he says people play the system. I left a comment on it, because I no longer have words, apart from it's all shit, all shit what spouts out of this coalition.

or the original diatribe of total lack of understanding:

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