Thursday, 19 January 2012

Time for a Regime Change

Regime change is the replacement of one regime with another - usually understood within a political context, it would be nice to change the Tory coalition - they are all Tory, no libdems - Tory PM, Tory Chancellor, Tory Housing minister, Tory Work and Pensions guy, Tory Transport..oh every position Tory as our country goes from bad to worse...but I Don't Know what replace it with.

However, I am not talking of political regime change
I am talking Franglais
In French, regime means diet
I have to Change my Regime.

My son called me a liar this morning, moments before saying I was fat. Simply because I might have told him last night that I was thinking that when he gets up at 7.30 on the sound of his alarm, I might not hit my own snooze button but instead get up and do some 10 minute exercises.

This morning I hit the snooze button twice and he got really angry with me. I know! Called me a liar! "You said you'd get up and do exercise!" Then said that I was fat! "You're the same as those women in that book before they lost weight," he said. "What book???????" I asked. "That [Paul McKenna's] I Can Make You Thin book." "Where did you find that????? Oh never mind. I never said I would do it, just that I was thinking of doing it...I walk you to school don't I...?"

It's always tomorrow. I go to bed with great intentions for the next day then, somehow...

It's because I'm unhappy. It's comforting to stuff myself. I remembered a box of chocolates I was given for my birthday this morning and 3/4 of it is gone already.

You don't want it but still you eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. binge. eat. binge binge oh lovely oh no.

You've got all the books, all the meditiation cd's, all the free diet advice in newspapers which you read and makes you hungry even though you're not hungry, not for food anyway but for for for

Regime Change
It starts with YOU
Buy nuts don't be nuts

Oh do what you like.

It's your body/happiness/friendlife/lovelife/fitinjeanslife/internalorganslife/feelawakelife/feelawakelife?/feelawakeforwhatlife?/povertylife?/shittyjoblife?/runaroundintheparkplayingfootballlife?/passthebiscuits




Anonymous said...

He's probably unhappy and worried about you...:-(

Marjolein said...

sign yourself up for a 10k run, start running 3 times a week for about half an hour, you don't have to go fast, just put one foot in front of the other. (i can send you a really easy trainingroutine, starts with 5 times 2 minute-run..)
and everytime you make up excuses for not going outside to run, imagine yourself in 10-12wks time, fit, minus 3-5k, slightly tanned, crossing that finishline, while your son is there waiting for you, proud as hell...

Stigmum said...

The thought of running had crossed my mind, then my son's school said there'd be a sponsored 10k run, and I was "wow! coincidence!", then the new head said he'd do it, so I thought I wouldn't, would look a bit cheesy, but then your comment comes and... and...
10k is a hell of a long way no? Loads! On top of which, I hate running!!!
Anon, maybe your right, so I should do the run for him, as well as me! Thanks guys!! x

Marjolein said...

No, 10k is not that far, with proper training a little over an hour. I used to hate running too, but once you get the hang of it it is actually great, ánd it's good against depression as well, we have a wellknown psychiatrist here who as therapy goes running with his patients.

I'll send you the schedule, try it for three weeks, 3x a week, you'll improve really fast. nice thing about this schedule is that everyday you think, 'oo, I can;t do this', but the next day you run even further and laugh at the time/distance you did the other day...

Stigmum said...

Bless you!!
I will try, promise!!