Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It's my dad's birthday today. Seventy something! Seeing June 9th on blogspot, I suddenly thought 'call him!' So easy for such simple actions to slip the mind.

"I'm so lucky to be calling you today!" I said after singing to him.

"Yes, you are, thank you for remembering me," he said.

My dad's a good man.

On Sunday it was my son's first holy communion. The lucky chappy had all his grandparents there. His other granddad has alzheimers. My dad doesn't have that but a succession of on going mini strokes has played havoc with his memory.

"Do I know you?" said my ex father out law to my dad.
"No you don't," replied my father.

My nephew laughed and told my mum, my sister, my brother. We all laughed, these two old men not meaning to entertain us.

My dad's sister has alzheimers. My dad could have genuinely forgotten who the ex father out law was (especially after so many years), but I think he was sparing my son's grandfather. It's painful reaching out and not remembering.

Happy Birthday pappie! To take my son's other granddad's words from that Sunday:


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