Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Leader in the playground

I told you I think that the Leader of the Council is a dad at my son's school.

I saw him in the playground this morning. No if's, no but's, must go and chat to him before the bell goes.

He told me there were 18,000 on the list. Yeah yeah I know.
He told me the Government was withholding cash from the borough to build new ones and renovate existing ones. Yeah yeah I know. I've written to the Prime Minister don't you know and his deputy and our local MP....

I've come to talk to you because we need your help goddammit.

He told me to email him.

I zipped off to Bethnal Green for my voluntary work thing and came home and 'ping!' sent the email.

I should have put more questions in it, but ne'er mind, cos a good chance I'll keep on bumping into this one.

The school playground's just got a bit more interesting... for me, not for him of course, but that, thank goodness, isn't my problem.

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