Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New beginnings?

Yesterday morning I cycled all the way to Bethnal Green (7 miles?) for my first day's voluntary work thing where I'm learning how to train others in the Participatory Appraisal research thing I did last year.

Yesterday morning I had the mother of all hangovers. England party and picnic weekend. Fun soaked in Al Cohol to celebrate my new year. So much of it. On Saturday Pimms until I was well fruity myself so I wasn't too sour grapes about our draw with the USA (I so wanted us to win what with all that BP lark going on...) Cava until I caved in Sunday. Well, actually, Sunday there was a lot of mixing...wine, beer, a fellow mamma accompanying me home to continue partying.

I think I was still drunk when I woke up. Wouldn't do to pull a sickie, even if my services are for free....Fortunately I was mainly observing. The group we're training though are great! One salt of the earth London mamma, and a dozen Bengali mammas and four Bengali dads. Some British born, some not but really good company! Hopeless with their lovely names but I'm hopeless with names anyway.

Pulled into The Golden Arches afterwards for a vat of coke and a Happy Meal. Same old same old me but hell's bells, a new year comes with new hopes and what a way to start mine!

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