Thursday, 10 June 2010

Will we get the flat on my floor?

Dear [Allocations],

I knew the girl who lived [on my floor], I've known that [the flat] is empty. My son has been asking if we can move into it. What do I say with my history of emailing you? I placed a bid on it today. I placed another on a flat in [Kentish Town]. He'd cycle to school but not too far for him. Camden is a large borough, I don't wish to move him from his school.

This morning I've had to run upstairs to [the 7th floor], which I bid on not long ago, because Sky package post belonging to the couple who moved in keeps coming to me. A couple. I don't doubt they have needs that differ to a single mother like me but I have to handle all mine and my son's needs alone. She was in her dressing gown, the government won't force her back to work. Wow, they might even get a tax incentive for being together. The Tories have already started on the likes of me. Cutting housing benefit is the latest I've heard. What's the future for my child?

You can assure me I haven't been left behind but I can assure you that I can't believe that. Thursday's are tough. Laughing I've been told not to bother bidding, I've been told to bid but I'll be unsuccessful. It's only you who tells me to bid and be hopeful.

Six years waiting. Three years without so much as "legally" viewing a flat. I'm having nightmares; rifling through concertina files not finding what I'm after and being told by someone to 'go away', climbing ladders and not getting past the first rung, putting my head into a waiting noose but then seeing my son so pulling my head out of it. I can't even die in a dream.

Many people in the council know who I am now. You may know, they might contact you. [My support worker] has been taken off my case. The one person who understood and helped me and I've had quite a few support workers. As you know, I asked for him back because he was the only one who cared. The new one hasn't contacted me yet and it's been over a month. What he can do when he does get in touch though, not knowing my case or me or my son or our needs, I just don't know.

I have bid on two properties this week. Please talk to whoever you can so that we are invited to view one of them.

Thanks very much.

Kind regards

Sue de Nim

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