Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A new support worker

I have a new support worker.

Mine, the one I fought for, the one who knows me and does the best he can to help me, called me last Tuesday.

"Withheld" said my mobile and I thought for a minute that it was the council asking me to view one of the properties on the nice streets near my school.

No such luck and worse.

My support worker has been moved to help families in the private sector in a re-shuffle.

"Has he called you?" asked my support worker.
"Have you heard from him at all?"
"I'm really sorry. There was nothing I could do about it. He's a nice guy though."

I don't know who this new person is. He doesn't know me. He's making no attempt to get to know me.

If I'm feeling desperate I don't know who to call.

If I get a politician to help me I can't give the number of the man who knows me, who knows my case.

Continuity of care?

Ho ho ho

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