Thursday, 10 June 2010

I might get the flat on my floor....

Bid this morning on the flat on my floor. Fat chance I'll get it usually, but... but...
The window on the front door is still cracked from when the police bust down the door a few months ago. The lock is still a little scew-if.

If I didn't live here, I wouldn't take it. No bloody way! Who broke it? Someone in the block? Who lives in the block? How bad is crime incidences? How safe is it?

As it was, when I was moved here and saw the burnt out shell of a car in the forecourt, I wanted to run a mile but the council said it would be to a hostel and I knew the Bishop wouldn't let me squat in his flat forever so the first night I locked myself in while a dozen riot police did a drugs bust upstairs. Nice welcome.

How many will turn it down I wonder?

(That two bed is £96 a week. £250 a week for this one bed. Not rocket science the demand for these places)

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