Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A wasted morning?

I've just been outside for the last time to see if any of the flat viewers are out there. In, out, in, out, shakin' it all about all morning. Nothing, no-one. Maybe they're coming tomorrow. Tomorrow.....

My new support worker's coming round. He called while I was spinning in circles. He's not got the same name as my old support worker told me on the phone, will I just meet him once like the 'manager' two years ago, who delivered the Christmas news that me and my son would go in a hostel when we were evicted in 18 months time... (Can you fecking believe it, a month and a half left...)

I'll be in and out while he sits here, seeing if there are any viewers outside. Ha, it would really be something if they arrived while he was with me...

So a wasted morning?

No, not quite.

Bumped into my next door neighbour who told me the man who lived directly above her had been dead in his flat for four weeks before the council found him a few weeks ago. They have since put in "a couple of crack heads who [she hears] fightin' at 5, 6 in the mornin'..."

She's on the transfer list for a one bed and viewed one a few weeks ago, which was "a shit hole, everyone turned it down." What annoyed her, she said, was that she was the only English person in the group viewing it, the others were "Asians".

She also got angry on my behalf, which was nice. She can't understand why the council won't just house us. "It's illegal for your son to be sharing a room with you." As if the council cares about that, I told her.

So as I collected these little nuggets of information (for I know diddly squat what goes on here), I also cleared out some of the clutter in my flat. No, not for support worker coming tomorrow, but because the mess is really overwhelming. I'm drowning in it, just like my head is drowning in all this housing shite.

All in all then, not a wasted morning.


Jennysmith said...

Poor sweetie. Feeling for your turmoil and frustration.


Stigmum said...

Ah mamma,thanks. I so owe you a pack of fags and a bottle of fizz whenever this flipping nightmare battle ends. You're a superstar:)xxx