Thursday, 17 June 2010

"Don't beg" said the hairdresser

Fuck it.

Dear [Allocations],

I have just been to view [the flat I bid on]. I know I wasn't shortlisted but you can't blame me really.

I spoke to some of the couples waiting.
A Bangladeshi couple, with one five year old child, who have been waiting two years. They currently live with their parents. 484 points.

An English couple, with one three year old child, have been waiting one year. They currently live with her mother. "Just under 500 points" the mum said to me. She said she was fourth on the list.

They were all couples, every one there.

I am on my own, with a seven year old child, I have been waiting five years in temporary accommodation. Six years since the Church evicted us. I have a history of evictions since my child was born. 351 points.

I spoke to the estate manager. He remembers me from when I turned up at a viewing last September. He told me he didn't understand why the council wouldn't house me and my son, why our points were so low. The council's remit is to prevent homelessness and I should ask the council to prevent mine and try and get more points.

I asked him if he could write to you on our behalf and he said he couldn't because I wasn't his tenant, I was a housing association tenant. He told me to speak to my case worker but of course, [my support manager] has been taken off my case. [The Support Services Manager] came to see me this morning to tell me he isn't my new support worker, he simply needed to work out what my support needs were.

[Allocations], my son goes into year 3 in September. He is secure at his school, but he needs a secure foundation with me so that his life doesn't keep getting turned upside down. These families viewing have been waiting such little time, with so many points. I do not understand.

I have cc'd [The Leader of the Council] because I spoke to him the other day and he asked me to send him an email. [Allocations], you are now my only remaining point of contact in the council.

Something can be done to help my son and me. This system is leaving us behind, is failing to consider the needs of my son.

The Bangladeshi couple accepted the flat. For the short time I have remaining here they will be nice neighbours. I wish the security for my child they were successful in attaining for theirs this morning.

Kind regards,

Sue de Nim

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