Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Electricity call outs cost, just to warn you

Why, why do I owe EDF an "outstanding balance of £41" when my electric meter is prepay and I shouldn't owe a thing?

Well I had to call them didn't I. So I just did.

Back in March the electrics were giving off sparks before finally dying and plunging me in the dark.

The Property Owner called the suppliers and then got her own electrician to come and fix the fuse box.

I owe the suppliers because they were called out and found no fault. The fuse box is not their fault. When plunged in darkness with sparks flying and the fear of fire imminent, the wrong thing to do is call the supplier. They do "everything up to an including the meter, the fusebox is internal and the property owner's responsibility."

If I want my £41 back, I have to call the property owner. It's not a happy honeymoon relationship between us since she sent me a "letter of warning". I do not want to talk to her and have her bully boyfriend take the call.

So, lucky them, I am carrying the cost of their call out because the less I have to do with them the better.

My meter has swallowed £1.50 in two days. The £10 I put on it this morning is not going to last the week as EDF "will be collecting this [£41] directly from your prepayment meter at £3.00 per week." A pricey summer therefore.

I'd rather give the money to street children in Brazil if I'm honest with you, not inflate the bank accounts of those who already have heavy pockets.

What can I say, I'm not liking my life today.

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