Friday, 18 February 2011

Shot from the heart...

Attic Flat
16 February 2011

Dear Grant Shapps MP,

Downing Street suggested I contact you which I did (letter enclosed) but you never got back to me.

Mr Shapps, if you and your Government press ahead with your housing legislations, you will wreck the lives of millions of people.

For your information, my son and I didn’t get a council flat. There is a drastic shortage, nationally. We were placed, once again, in temporary accommodation, with a shorter two year lease this time and a weekly rent of £350 a week which I can’t afford. I do not have your wealth Mr Shapps. Millions of people do not have your wealth. Must we be penalised therefore and made to suffer?

Help me understand this legislation you are desperate to push through.

Do you wish to drive people out of their communities as my son and I were driven out of ours?

Is it your desire to create ghettos where we, the financially challenged must live, while you, the financially secure, live in protected communities?

Is it your desire that people remain in poverty? Or in debt?

Do you care about people’s health? Children’s education? These things are married to housing, the most basic need of all.

There is no need to make these drastic cuts to this basic human necessity which has already been neglected for decades.

The money is there to invest in housing, which in turn will create jobs. It will enable people such as me, the “unemployed” to afford work without recourse to housing benefit or threat of rent arrears and eviction. Well, one hopes that rents will remain affordable within the social sector.

You and your Government know all this. You can stop and think about what you are doing.

Will you stop and think about what you are doing?

I need to know what you really think of financially challenged people like me, the elderly, the disabled and children.

Please answer me this time and soon, before you make the changes.

Yours sincerely

If First Class is what it used to be, he'd have got this yesterday. If it's not, and I didn't pay the £5 ensured next day delivery, then he'll have got it today.

I've been listening to Jacko's Earth Song on repeat. It's a climate song for sure, but the power of it makes me think of the political climate too.
It's lovely, have a listen:


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