Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Comfort and Stress eating

New House Rules

No cakes in the flat unless I make them myself
No biscuits unless I make them myself
No purchases of multi bag of crisps (esp Mini Cheddars)
No bottle of beer while cooking the evening meal (new habit this one)

Yesterday I posted "Sugar Sugar!" and for the first time in my blogging history labelled it under "Diet".

This label no longer exists. For yesterday evening, I purchased Apple Crumble and Custard when there were enough yoghurts left for our pudding.

The word "Diet" encourages me, not simply to eat, but to stuff myself.

It cannot exist in my vocabulary and must not exist on my blog, or I might become obbessed about my weight and I've never been obsessed about my weight but am in danger of becoming obsessed because my Cream jeans don't fit anymore.

Will my summer dresses be too tight too?

The perk of my extra weight gain, I'll be honest, is that I am no longer flat chested (not even the internet sold my size..High Stress Diets, honestly, take all the best curves first)

The point of this post? To high-light the beauty of blogging - that one can edit! Because.... I'm going to go into Sugar Sugar and change one of the labels to.. to what? Maybe Comfort/Stress... food? It would imply I'm going eat. Might also imply I write alot about what my son and I eat and I don't.

Comfort/'s not a bad word really is it.. I don't want it to become an issue though

How about Nutrition? Yeah! Maybe Nutrition! It might start me thinking about Nutrients

Ah, you know what, I may just change it to YoYo diets.. I don't diet, like I told you but I do swing.. binge/starve/binge/starve and that must stop (though a little starvation before the summer....? Need some High Stress! Not bad High Stress though, housing related eviction High Stress. Maybe brilliant new opportunity High Stress!

You know even more what? I think this post might just end the discussion and the posts, but maybe not ey, let's keep it open!

Right stigs, we got to find all old posts relating to food, and add a label.. what''ve we agreed? Yoyo diets! Are we sure?

Reader, I've taken you through a stream of conciousness.I usually think before I write not write what I am thinking. I could edit it, but I'm not going to. I just want to say, I don't "starve" myself when I'm in some kind of acute mode. I simply forget to eat when my son's not with me, but we've always eaten together so in very low times, I've had the same portion size as him. No wonder the weight dropped off!

Hmmm, Cream jeans, can I get you to fit again?

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