Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tips when undergoing Tooth Extraction post Root Canal Failure

If you work, take the day off.

Two injections and you'll be so numb you won't feel a thing


Stay calm.

Close your eyes

When you hear a crack and the dentist say "I knew this would happen" stay calm.

If you taste your blood, stay calm

When he asks his assistant for the drill, stay calm

If you're not wearing ear plugs listening to heavy metal you may find the noise of your jaw being excavated for safe retrieval of bone somewhat disturbing.

Repeat: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until it is all finished and your dentist tells you to "bite down" on a swab.

You'll be given a piece of paper telling you what to do in the event that excessive bleeding occurs. Continue to tell yourself that everything will be alright.

It will tell you to NOT drink Al Cohol for 24 hours and to avoid Nico Teen. The latter is hard, I never could in the past when my wisdom teeth were extracted so I cannot advise I'm afraid. I can think about it now without getting wound up and aggravated. Ah Nico Teen! See?!

The piece of paper tells you to "ideally rest by sitting in a chair". If it is a beautiful warm day and you are fortunate to have an outdoor space, hand your child some chalk and tell him or her to draw on the concrete tiles.

Accept what has happened.

You can always save your anger for another day or, I dunno, blog about it!

Build up your strength.

Be good to yourself

Read some Chick-lit (free in Cosmopolitan!)

Mags don't do Dude-lit do they?

Rinse your mouth out with salty water after every time you eat and keep taking the paracetamol if your jaw hurts two days later.

It's not joyous, have to say but when my son said that "Dentists are hell mummy," I said to him: "No darling, dentists are hellthy."

He knows the meaning of the word, no need to spell it out really

heh heh...

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