Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I've been offered a job!

This morning
In the coffee shop
Not quite minding my own business
I've been offered a job!
If I want it...
£6 an hour..
Shit money but then good money is no good to me with my overheads
Poverty still knocks
A job!
I've been thinking loads about stopping blogging
It's even upset me a bit
Me and Stiggers thinking by the end of May, tailing it off.
She's still got things to say though, our stiggers, though not sure what.
As for me
I'm going to go and get some advice about this job.
Maybe if I go self employed
I could do that and write too?
Or do that and research too?
Or do that and something else too?
Work from home too?
I don't know
I Don't Know

All I know is that it was kind of the landlady to offer it!


Jennysmith said...

That's great news! £6.00 still better than nothing. I'd do it!

Please don't stop blogging xx

Stigmum said...

I'll probably do it tho not for the money..One day I hope to earn a squillion pounds for flexi work!! As for blogging, me (or stigs?) anyway, internal battle on that one going on. I'll most definitely miss it, but I will most definitely keep in touch with you and let you know if ever I earn those squillion pounds (and/or get a council/secure/affordable flat!) You've been the most amazing supportive cyber friend and I thank you so much for that! Here's a big bunch of cyber flowers just for you!! xxx