Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ooh, jobs for all the unwanted?!!

You must know by now how cynical I am about the government contracting private providers to cream a tidy little profit off the backs of the nation's unwanted (well, just glide down the "work" label if you don't..)

Well, I just popped into Guardian online for the day's news and Polly Toynbee has spelt out our worst fears. The biggest private providers have won contracts, despite missing targets the last time round (though making handsome handsome profits!)

It makes grim reading because you know the Tory machine couldn't give a flying fairy cake, indeed encourages these "enterprises", especially if they operate at the cost of everyone else but Toynbee tells it so well I post the link for your delectation!
(Be warned, when I read it my chest tightened, bang bang, goes the ribcage, can't breathe...can't breathe... but it might not have the same effect on you!)


"It's time these welfare scroungers stopped sponging off the state.I don't mean the poor and sick, I mean Deloitte, Serco, and the rest of their kind." A person comments after my own heart!

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