Friday, 29 April 2011

royal Anniversaries

Today, the 29th April 2011, is the third month anniversary of my stopping smoking!!
Oh the country is celebrating, got out the bunting, donning hats and flags at this tremendous event ha ha ha!

I watched it on the telly in my pyjamas, Annie watched it in bed, my neice watched it at home with her mum and my nephew headed down to the Mall with his school mates! Good place to be I reckon!

The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was beautiful! The solemnity, the majesty, the hymns! Less of pomp and more of ceremony, I tell ya, my cup of tea tasted good!

Today is a Royal Anniversary for the country, for they did look pretty handsome those two!

Two kisses! Aw thanks!

The 29th of any month is a royal anniversary for me!

Wee hee! We hold what we love in our hearts, ey son?!

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