Monday, 4 April 2011

I am Fist of the Northern Star

The Master told us to pick names for ourselves at Boot Camp last week.
I couldn't think of one for myself
So he called me Star
then Northern Star because it shines brighter (he said)
Then, because I was making erm, jokes, that he couldn't quite see my brilliance with the Roundhouse kicks and Backwards Kicks because it was a foggy day (too much wine while at the Mayor's Parlour the night before) he changed it to
Fist of the Northern Star
Fist of the Northern Star!
Power to me!
Good ey?

Mistress Physic is Fearless
Mistress Ha Ha was Iron Maiden (which suited very much have to say) but changed to Bamboo
Mistress Dancer is Rock
Mistress Mountain is the funniest though. She picked a name for herself; Swaying Skirts but through out the training the Master kept calling her Loincloth and everytime he did so I couldn't stop laughing

Definitions ey? Sometimes they can be quite, quite empowering

Believe in what empowers you.

Right, I'm off to grab some lunch..!

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