Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I should really mention it shouldn't I? The Royal Wedding? Big event like that. All told, I haven't been over excited about it. Infact, I haven't been excited about it at all. All political of course. Thanks to the Tory party, it's got that whiff of "we're all in it together" when erm, we're not.

Still, I do like William, do wish him and Kate all the best and all that, and was prepared to go to Hyde Park or Trafalgar Square or somewhere if my son was with me and he fancied the idea.

He's not going to be though.

Shortly before storming off the last time he dropped our son off four hours late, the Foca mentioned a street party in Brighton and this is where my son has chosen to go.

He leaves this afternoon.

"I don't want to upset you mummy," was all kept saying and I'd reply "you're not, it's great you'll have fun," with big fat tears in my eyes I was careful he shouldn't see. This morning he said: "Sorry if it upsets you mummy but I want to spend halloween with my dad," and I didn't breathe because I wanted to roar.

He's got cousins and brothers with his dad. So what if it makes me sad he doesn't choose to stay with me. Some mothers deny their children access to the fathers altogether and I get that, even if I don't condone it. Access, access, hate access, never liked it, just...

So, my boy hasn't picked to go see the "nothing to do with the Royal Wedding" gig with me. My buddy the Estimator is taking his son, there'll be kids there. Cousins are more fun though aren't they?

Oh well, best mind I don't get too wrecked.. The band's playing in the pub what's offered me a job see...They might retract the offer...

There's a competition for best dressed Wills or Kate.. Telling ya, you can't avoid it.. or maybe you can...

Enjoy the Bank Holiday, whatever your plans!

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