Friday, 8 April 2011

Pirate of all Seas

In a few hours I shall return home a Pirate of Two Seas!

Not simply the Pirate of One!

It is the last dentist appointment regarding my root canalled molar.

They are putting half a crown on it.

Sadly, because I don't have Half a Crown in the financial sense, it shall be Gold.

Funny isn't it? The aesthetically pleasing White porceline crown costs in the region of £300 when Gold is better and more long lasting (bling!)

I must not lament that I shall never advertise toothpaste. I must be grateful only that NHS dentistry still exists in London, by the skin of its teeth (ha ha) for sure, but nonetheless, our children's teeth don't need to rot as happens in other parts of the country.

I shall come back to charter the choppy waters of Blogspot, sail out of my cave towards other islands to see who lives there, and of course, occasionally, anchor off with my face towards the light of the sky

(not forgetting sun protection factor - one may have yellow stained gnashers as befits a pirate but one can still look after themselves, no?!)

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