Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thieving Electrical Companies

£600 electricity bill
That's not right
Everyone's saying it
except the electrical company
fucking thief.
"Try not to use your dishwasher," says voice on the phone
Don't have one.
"Limit the use of your tumble dryer."
Don't have one.
£200 a month for a two bed flat?
"What can you afford?" they say.
"£40 a week for 12 months?"
Who can afford that?
I have to pay it off.

You know what gets me though
over and above this nasty
It costs 17 pence a day
to lease the meter.
No meter, no electric.
You have to lease it
or go higher rates on prepay
17 pence a day
before you so much as breathe.
Fucking thieves.

(Taken from Notebook 23rd April)