Friday, 8 April 2011

The park in Posh Street

(Extracted from notebook, earlier today)

In the park on Posh Street where we lived six years ago.

Where my son learnt to play football thanks to the boys who lived next door
Raced around the periphery path on his Red Tricycle, little legs round and round = zooom!

Sitting on the grass with me gobbling up a picnic!

Turning so he could kick my bottom when I swung him on the swing
Gales of laughter!
Other childrens' now..

Up and down the slide over and over "catch me mummy! Catch me!"
Making friends with the neighbours on the Street; little friends for him.

How I wished on that path, in that playground, on that grass, on this bench that we could come back here
Please World

I am back here, remembering
but who knows the future


A Modern Mother said...

Keep that note!

Jennysmith said...

You'll be back where you want to be soon, Stig, really you will.


Stigmum said...

Memories etched on my heart Modern Mother!

Jen, I will believe you, I really will, because to not to is quite devastating (relatively to other people's problems!) this week and I've got to hang on xxx

Anonymous said...

You'll get back to where you want to me. You will. xxx

Stigmum said...

Anon, the day I posted this, my support worker sent me a text to say he'd bidded on 9 properties for me. I didn't go to see what kind, where, because I know they'd unlikely be in Posh Streetand I was already feeling quite down. In truth, I gave up hoping for what I want a long time ago, so now I don't know what it is I want, perhaps exactly that which I've posted. We'll see ey?! Thanks x