Friday, 8 April 2011

Losing a tooth next Tuesday

My son's got to come with me while I get my tooth extracted next Tuesday because the Easter holidays start today.

Unless I can find childcare.

Take my child all day so I can sleep after?

No,he'll wait in the surgery waiting room unless he wants to come in with me.
No baby no..

I will have to be brave
I don't want to be brave
I want to cry

Will he take on board what's happening? That mummy didn't look after her teeth very well. One of them needs to be pulled out.

"The other's are all strong aren't they?" the receptionist asked me earlier when I voiced some fears about this being the beginning of the end, (I'm on the cusp of a decade change - not a good moment, or is it?)

"Yes I think so. I hope so."

I hope so

Look after your teeth child.

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