Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Should I go in for the MADs award?

I heard about the MADs awards last year.. an event celebrating Mum And Dad bloggers.

I'm thinking, for a laugh, shall I enter myself this year?! It's sponsored by Parentdish and each category is sponsored by someone else and there are prizes!

I'm not sure what category I fall into because I'm not quite sure what kind of blogger I am. Do you know what kind of blogger you are? If so you could enter yourself (if you are a blogger reading this that is)!

The fifteen categories are:

MAD Blogger of the Year 2011
Most MAD Femily Life Blog
Best MAD Craft blog
Best MAD Blog for Family Fun
Best Pregnancy Blog
Best MAD Food Blogger
Most Innovative MAD Blog
Most Inspiring MAD Blogger
Best New MAD Blog
Best MAD Blog Photography
Best Pre-School Fun MAD Blog
Best MAD Small Business Blog
MAD Blog Post of the Year
Best MAD Baby Blog

Are you one of those? At a stretch, have I written a MAD blog post? Am I inspiring? Or not yet? Am I most innovative with my dark background and pictureless face and messed up songs and poetry? and ranting and oh I Don't Know? Quite a few tips there if ever I wanted to write a different blog. I could learn how to make things and then enter for Craft!

With so few followers, well, I stand little to no chance, but is that a reason not to enter?
Is depression a reason to continue turning away from things like this?
Is my anonymity something I should guard? Or am I still the Paranoia Queen and to raise my name is to advent my beheading?

It is quite a mad thing for us to do, in the literal sense not the acronym one heh heh!
Shall we sleep on it stigs?

For now let's see if we can link the badge to send a reader to the website and if it works we can put one up saying "Nominate me!" tomorrow!

MAD Blog Awards 2011

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