Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hello Again Stiggers!

Highlight of the Easter Holidays was most definitely a free ticket to a Neil Diamond tribute band!!

Brother of Love! Brian Conley as a High Priest praising Hallelulia to Neil!
"Who's that, I recognise him?" said my niece pointing to one of three men.
"Darren Day, known for being a love rat.." Didn't want to say "shagging a pop star" to a beautiful "boys will defo be after you" thirteen year old.

Song after classic song, central aisle second row until after the interval when luck struck even bigger and there I was with my son in the front row!!

This song I've picked because for the beauty of the weather and the company of kids, it was not an easy Easter break down with my parents. I struggled to leave London behind and only managed the morning we were coming back; yesterday. I didn't miss Stiggers because I had my notebook, thank goodness, but I struggled to get out of bed in the mornings..I'm thinking I have to stop blogging but my goodness I'll miss it.

I need Stiggers when I'm in London, because London is so hard.

Solitary woMan heh heh

(Oh the Foca bought my son back four hours late by the way, didn't return my text for two hours. I had a beautiful time with my boy, who in turn had a beautiful time with his cousins - Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show!)

Thanks Neil Diamond!!

Good to be back Stigs!!

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