Friday, 8 April 2011

Politics is deteriorating my language - f%*king f*^k f^*k

I didn't fall asleep watching Question Time last night but spent much of the programme shouting 'oh fuck off' at the television. No, not the television, get a really bad picture on the television even when the aerial's in prime position. I was saying "Oh fuck off" to my laptop (courtesy of Iplayer, thank you BBC).

The cut in corporation tax wasn't mentioned once.

Just the need to wipe out the deficit the last government left behind.

I'm sick of fucking hearing it.

Blue, Yellow and Red, on these cuts, seems to me they're all on the same fucking hymn sheet just trilling different fucking harmonies.

I'm sick of fucking hearing BOLLOCKS.

On Wednesday, I returned from a lovely morning distributing flyers for Zen Boot Camp and a coffee with a friend and a restful read of my book in the sunshine but picked up a copy of the Evening Standard when I did so.

"Worse off Wednesday" - Cuts Cuts Cuts. Slash Cut Families First

Couples with children will see their net income fall by £3,865
Lone parents will lose £2,142 a year

"Treasury minister Danny Alexander piinned blame for the economic crisis on Labour and insisted the cuts and tax hikes were fair. He said "We had a cataclysmic economic problem left by the previous government, with a huge budget deficit..." (p2, 6 April)

Oh fuck off, I'm fucking sick of fucking hearing it.

And then I read, to my own "OH FUCK OFF" crescendo:

"A treasury source said of the IFS report (that said "London is particularly hard hit by cuts to housing benefits"): "Do you think it's fair for a family to receive over £400 a week in housing benefit?"

Do you think it's fair? Do you?

Do you think it's fair that 1000's of families and individuals are going to be evicted and there are no fucking affordable homes to pour them into?

Do you think that's fair? Do you????

Right, enough f ing and blinding from me for one day.

Top tip over the Easter holldays, do not read or watch any media, any political media whatsover, not if you don't want to fucking swear infront of the children. Try and leave it all behind, enjoy the sunshine..

I will leave the subect with this pie chart though. You need to see it. You need to see how unfair this coalition is being. How this deficit doesn't have to be pared down simply by screwing the taxpayer.

And a bonus for you, I'm not sure Benefit Scrounger swears. There is objectivity in what she writes. It's very good:

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