Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sugar Sugar...!

I have given up crisps and biscuits for Lent and you know, it's going really well! Yeah, I get the odd craving for Mini Cheddars, Squares, regular Cheese and Onion but I let the feeling pass!

Yes, I let the feeling pass


Exceedingly moorish ones where after the first two I can't taste the flavour anymore so why do I pop the other four into my mouth in speedy succession
Oozy jam ones. I buy two, one for me and one for my son but eat mine on the quiet then eat his telling him I bought him crisps instead (which I gaze at lovingly now he likes my favourite flavours)
Oh that feeling when you eat and eat and can't stop and your heart is beating mad mad madly and your brow begins to sweat... oh yeah

I'm not comfort eating, apparently. According to James Duigan (Elle Super Model Super Bod Macpherson's personal trainer don't you know!) I am stress eating.
Do you stress eat? Fun isn't it! Perhaps not... Perhaps so! Perhaps not...

James has a Clean & Lean Diet that incorporates an 8 minute workout. I've never gone on a diet, diets have just gone on me (the High Stress one, not bad if you want to drop a dress size...)

James says if you don't think you can stay off alcohol for two weeks the book's not for you... oh

Al Cohol... Budvar! Sugar sugar! Al Cohol.. My candy boy!
Chewy sweets OH...

Oh Nico Teen, I am so over you

but my Cream jeans don't fit anymore...

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