Wednesday, 22 June 2011

1500th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you Adam 'n' Eve it?! Two and a half years of blogging and this is my 1,500th post!

Should crack open the champagne really, and might just to that when Jo comes round for lunch later. She bought me a mini bottle of Brut as a Crikieth birthday present and I haven't drunk it yet (which won't impress her so what excellent timing!)

I wanted to craft a reflection upon this auspicious occasion, for I never dreamed I would write so much, I never thought I'd get to 1000 posts; I believed in Stigmum's happy ending - that she'd get the council flat; the secure affordable home to raise her child - the ending to give others hope ha ha ha.

Who knows, we still might. Given up on myself for now, I don't want to move from my expensive insecure flat, but I've not given up on the issue that effects millions.

I've been thinking of this blog and you know what, it might not be up there with the best of them or even up there with the rubbish ones but I like it.

I like what we've done, Stigs and I. The other day I spoke to a journalist from a housing charity and told him if he wanted to know how I felt being evicted, just read the label 'bidding' or 'housing and government'.

My love of smoking and my journey out of the addiction is all here, neatly labelled!
My thoughts on work, about impending policies back in 2009 that are happening now. What more can I really say that I haven't said before? Oh, I am working now. Nearly.

Paranoia and shame I felt about stuff, all here. Once upon a time I didn't want you to know I prayed! For crying out loud!! I was embarrassed to tell you! My goodness, my fear of being judged; it permeates this blog. Fear; emotions we all feel. Poetry? Anyone?

As time goes by I give less and less of a toss what anyone thinks of me. On here that is. Out in the real world I have to accept myself in the same way. Let go, let go of myself, let go of fear.

I think that's long enough, don't you? For my 1,500th post?

That's alot of posts to read over again, and some of them I do; through that stats thing, I see what people read that I have long forgotten I wrote! Some of it's alright!

I raise a glass to all bloggers. Whatever keeps you going in blogland, enjoy what you are doing, what you are writing, what you are saying or trying to say.

Live and learn. Life is a sentence not a full stop! (I read that somewhere, that's not me being clever, alas!)


(Just one post today, not three! Polly Toybee's article can wait til tomorrow. Oh sod it, have it today... a response to Cameron's diatribe to stigmatise fathers and the 'heroic' job we stigmums do..which is why we continue to be the ones who get hurt, this time charging us to use the CSA:

There, I think that's enough for my 1500th post! Thank you Stigmum. Thank you Polly. Thank you blogspot. Good day!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Wow! Well done on reaching this milestone! That's an awful lot of blog posts in two and a half years!!It's a brilliant past time, one that I don't think will ever fade. Or at least I hope it doesn't.

CJ xx

Frankie P said...

Well done, 1500 i only have 1458 to go!! Here's to the next 1500...

Stigmum said...

Thanks so much laydees!! Was going to write more today, about the harrogate housing conference in tweetland but thought I'd enjoy such a milestone instead!!
Frankie P, do you really think it'll take another 1500 before we get the kind of flat we're after??? Yikes. Never ending story my one.... but at least I vary it abit!!
Take care you both and defo carry on bloggin'! xxx

Jack said...

Congratulations. Very few bloggers make it and it sounds like you have found a way to make this special to you. That is great.

Stigmum said...

Thank you!!!