Friday, 17 June 2011


I've barely read or watched the news this week but did see that Ed Milliband said council flats would go to people who worked.


You can hear me, can't you, thinking it.

Well, yesterday, in the Ham & High, an article about Frank Dobson saying he earns £66,000 but still can't afford to leave his council flat!

That's rich ey?!

Ah you have to laugh.

Well, I allowed myself a little chuckle as I wrote a letter in response to it last night, mindful, very very mindful, that I went to see Dobbie two weeks ago and he agreed to help me if I can get the law centre or another organisation to write to him.

I read my horoscopes this morning which told me there a was a lunar eclipse yesterday.

Are you feeling ok after the eclipse yesterday? asks Closer Online.

Well yes, if the paper publishes my letter, if a body (Shelter? Or do I have to do a law degree?) writes a letter, if Dobbie from all that, talks to ministers and and and...

Apparently there are more eclipses on the way.

Does it mean something GOOD Nina? Yeah, I've been listening to that alot this morning, as I emailed my letter across.

Be still
Be still
Be still

Eek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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