Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How loud must one SCREAM?????

A new political reality is somewhat inevitable, but a complete abandonment of housing's longstanding values is not. If voices are not heard now, while the policy debate is still open, they may be silenced forever.

This quote from Hannah Fearn's article in the Guardian about her trip to the housing conference in Harrogate last week. One punter exclaimed surprise at how nice one social housing build was. Not allowed I don't think, comfort, when you're skint.


Anyway, my point is, that since, since early 2010 I've been chucking my voice about to ministers. Earlier than that to councillors, charities. Oh my, I sent my Election/Eviction story to all kinds of people, got published in the Guardian myself.

Which makes me beg the question, whose voice exactly needs to be heard here?

Clearly not mine. I'm on benefits and although it's dawned on me before, it's dawned on me again that the opinions of those of us on benefits don't count; Don't count and don't matter.

Still, I can't help myself, another article I saw yesterday, this time by the shadow minister for housing, Seabeck. I had a bit of a rant. Should perhaps have used my name (Delilah?) instead of Stigmum's but hell, ours are two voices screaming. There are thousands more, but no-one hears them.


Labour's housing policy won't be rushed she says. Why didn't Labour say that in June last year instead of a year later when damage has already been done by the coalition?

Tempting I tell you, to abandon all hope

Oh I Don't Know

Do You?


Frankie P said...

What a complete minefield, the tories jsut don't get it do they? Perhaps they seriouly need to look at removing the tennants who are in coucil housing that are earning a decent salary. I still don't know how an MP can be living in a council house..

Stigmum said...

Cheaper rent! And presumably a decent council flat, not one of the ones in the block I just moved from - everyone was desperate to get out of there - damp on their windows, lifts never working, plumbing shot...
Tories need to regulate private rent, it needs to come down for everyone, not shoot up so only the rich can afford it, and others see their entire salaries go on it....
A veritable mess and minefield indeed!