Monday, 20 June 2011

Reunions - Food for the soul!

Two reunions this weekend!
Friday night, old journo friend Anne was over from France so a great excuse to get together.

Saturday was a school reunion. Some of us hadn't seen one another in decades!! I was supremely lucky on two counts. The first was that I was a little hungover so it quelled the nerves and the second, which was spectacularly lucky, was that one of my closest friends from back then came over from Paris and asked to stay with me!!!

What a formidable lot of fine women we were!! No-one over glammed it, although every one was glam, and not much older looking than when we were teenagers, it was surreal!!

We were pretty much all represented which was really cool
Women with husbands/partners and jobs
Women with husbands/partners and children and jobs
Women with husbands/partners and children
Women with children and jobs
Women with children.

What a blast!

From 2 until 7 we had the upstairs room in a pub, then eight of us went out to dinner which only cost £20 because two of the girls covered the cost. None of the wealthier ones made any of the poorer ones feel in anyway devalued. You know, shit and skint and like failures. None of that, we were all who we AMAZINGly were! Are!

And that was the bliss of the whole event - being reunited with people who value you, who value me! Real affection swirled around that room, that restaurant, that pub afterwards, that club three of us fell into at the end!

On the way out of the pub, earlier in the day, one pregnant mother heading home said: "Good luck with your campaigning!" Ooh that tickled me that did. I played it down, that day, what I did but what a boost to have it accepted, particularly right now when I feel I'm sailing quite close to the wind....eek! I can do it!

This morning I told a mum on the school run about my weekend and she asked if it was the school I liked. "Of course!" I said. "I don't think I have the courage to go to the shit school one. Or maybe would have the courage but why would I put myself through that?"

It's really important to be around people who value you.
(We're saying value alot here stigs...)
It's true though; it makes for fantastic present moments and fine memories!

What ever good there is, hold it within yourself

Let it permeate your very soul and give you what you need!


Frankie P said...

Sounds like a great time you had in the weekend. Nothing bets meeting up with old friends, that you know all you need to know about, before all the years and shit got in the way... One thing i miss since living in London.

Good to see you back, missed your posts they always give me somthing to think about.....

Stigmum said...

Oh thankyou Frankie P. It was really amazing seeing them, and such nice girls too, great laugh like we were all 14 again! Really lifted me up. Now I know that they all support and don't judge me, it might be easier to face the public music with my little campaigning! I wish we met up more often but they came from far and wide! Only two of us were living in London! Thanks also for following my blog because I always think it's not an easy one to follow!
Bless ya heart and see you cybering, twittering soon!! xxx

Anonymous said...

You're brave about going to school reunions. ..really since I'd rather not go back to places where I knew that the teachers thought that I was shite as did the majority of my class. I'd go to my Sixth Form College and that's about it...forget the rest.

I'm soo glad that you had a good time and yes, Frankie is right...nothing bets meeting your old friends.

Stigmum said...

It wasn't brave to go to this one as some of my bestest buddies were going. My sixth form place though, a different matter entirely. Be good to see that priest again, eyeball him, devil spawn that I am...!
With reunions, you have to do what feels right really and writing this, I wish my sixth form place still didn't feature in my mind as a hell of a place to go back to. Perhaps I should go back, blow the ghosts away for good....Horrifying as that thought may be if I still believe in their power..!
Dah dah daaaaaah (I laugh at how crap I am!)