Friday, 24 June 2011

Tom Jones at Kenwood

OK, there's probably a fab line up over at Glastonbury but Tom Jones is playing Kenwood this evening.

How I'd LOVE to go to that!!!!

Can't though, but ne'er mind, thought I'd post you a vid, of him singing Delilah a, erm, while ago!
Delilah used to be one of my karaoke favourites when I worked in the hostess bar in Japan!

Is Stigmum called Delilah? I thought Sue de Nim but perhaps not!

My my my, my Stigmum!
Why why why, my Stigmum!
I could see that girl was no good for me
but I was lost like a slave that no man/no state/ no one could free

We'll be back Stigs and I after the weekend. I'm not ready to kill her off, or myself off come to that!

Anyway, check out his moves and for all of you at Kenwood tonight, have a blast!!


Frankie P said...

Oh i love Delilah, the green green grass of home is so sad....

Stigmum said...

Tis my favourite! Another girl in the bar would sing green green grass and the rest of us would have wistful looks in our eyes and get pangs of homesickness!
He has so many classics though! Wish I was there to listen to them all tonight! Ah well, have a cd!!