Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Do politicians watch the documentaries I do?

I'm wondering if Dave and George were sitting on their respective sofas in their respective houses last night, cup of cocoa in hand, watching Poor Kids on BBC 1.

Just wondering because it was on quite late; 10.35, so their kids would be snugly tucked up in their beds where the mattress wouldn't be wet from damp in the room and wallpaper peeling off the blackened walls.

They'd have eaten their evening meal, possibly something fresh from the organic grocer, not a plate of rice they've taken a loan out to buy.

The documentary was on just after the news, like Question Time is on after the news and I'd lay bets that they watch that occasionally, or maybe not, well maybe just incase they have to defend one of their own in the morning's press.

You know, no, I don't reckon either of them watched Poor Kids, or if they did, they'd certainly never admit to it.

How could they?

The rot has set in in our country. Oh the rot's been there for ages, it hasn't just appeared overnight, but where the rot is worse than before, now, I don't see that Dave or George are going to do anything to make it better. I don't think they want to make it better. I think they find perverse enjoyment in condemning. Though they don't see it that way, of course not.

In the programme, one girl's family was finally moved from her crumbling, damp ridden home, but her friend's family wasn't... she of the peeling ceiling.

I only caught some of Monday's Panorama - A Job to get Work - A Tory minister was on that talking well, damp air; sickly stuff, I had to leave the room.

Poor Kids
Poor Disabled
Poor Elderly
for all I know
Poor You

I don't know if politicians watch the documentaries I do.
I do know they should.


Frankie P said...

Of course they don't if they did then they may have to admit that they have a conscience..

I just can't comprehend how they can not know what is going on around them.. So then one thinks that of course they know they jsut don't care...

Stigmum said...

Yep, they don't care, they've got their eyes on the money...they let the tax evaders go free, the bankers pass go, collecting everyone's money as they do so.
They deliberately choose not to look at the devastation they are allowing to happen.

It put a real dampner on my day thinking about writing about it because my view is the same as yours...

Anonymous said...

You're damn right they should but I also would be surprised if they did.

CJ xx

Stigmum said...

Absolutely, to admit watching it, they'd have to answer why they're doing nothing about it. To admit not watching it, they'd have to answer why they don't care. It may have clashed with Newsnight but they could still catch it on iplayer...
Just a thought, someone should challenge them!

Anonymous said...

I bet that they don't watch them since they don't realise that there is a problem for others. I think that they're only worried about helping their friends. I suspect that they have blinked vision of things so that they think what they're doing is the 'right thing' and can't actually consider the concept that their perspective might not be that of other people. I think that they actually don't comprehend what's happening since they've been so cocooned all their lives that the idea that other perspective(s) even exist is a novel idea.