Friday, 24 June 2011

Losing and abandoning Hope

You know me, well, Jen at the Cigarette Diaries certainly knows me; I lose hope all the time. I lose hope, I find hope, I lose hope, I find hope, lose find lose find lose find....

The local paper published my letter! Find!

Thinking about it


Nothing I've written about housing has had a positive impact.

If my letter has no impact, which it's unlikely to given past experiences, should I just abandon all hope that I can achieve anything at all?

I find that I can't.

I cannot abandon hope. I can lose it, I just can't abandon it.

All I need to do is a get a letter. You'd think it would be really easy wouldn't you.

The system I'm caught in wants me to abandon hope. Wants all of us to abandon hope. That's reason, if any needed, not to!

Find me Hope! Hope, find me!

You, only ever abandon hope if it's the right to do.

How do you know?

Your heart tells you.


Frankie P said...

Do not give up hope you will only regret it later in life.. it is better to know that you are doing or have done all you could\can for yourself and your son...

Stigmum said...

You're right but at what point do I give up on the housing shite having decided I won't give up on my life? So endless, so uphill, knock backs all the time...
Emailed this journalist the other day and may email her again after reading the last paragraph of an article she's written from the conference she went to that I wanted to go to: Here it is, was going to blog it but want to leave blogging for the weekend with Tom Jones in my mind!!

Have a good weekend!

Stigmum said...

Oh, you can't just click on that link so maybe I'll post it on Monday and write 'can't you hear me SCREAMING???" !

Anonymous said...

Don't ever give up hope! Frankie is right that you'll only regret it later in life.

Stigmum said...

With my life, now I know never will I give up hope. With housing? Beginning to ask myself what's the fecking point. It's becoming a real effort, not only to think about it but write about it too, or is that write about it cos it forces me to think about it?!
Me and stigs can't help ourselves at the moment tho so we'll keep going.. for how long, who can say! Thanks for your comment! x