Sunday, 5 June 2011

Silent Sundays

All over the blogosphere, there are mums who post photos every week under a meme (meme?) entitled Silent Sunday.

Many of these pictures are really beautiful and allow you to reflect peacefully, smile perhaps. To date I haven't joined in with this. I have a camera but lost the bits.

Still, I come to pierce the Silent Sunday with my Silent Scream

My son isn't home.

I sent a text last night saying I expect him back by 12 so as I wait I still cannot shrug the anger.

He was due back yesterday. It was agreed that my son would come back yesterday. The Foca was the one who booked his holiday tickets, the Foca was the one who agreed yesterday.

I have spent a week looking forward to yesterday.

I won't go into the details, but suffice to say we had a text row, when he finally answered my text enquiring about time of arrival four hours after I sent it, to say he might be a little late and perhaps he'd take our son back to Brighton.

"What would you prefer?" he asked.

That he comes home, I said.

Might not be possible, he replies.

Why ask then?

At 8pm last night he sent a text saying 'the three boys are exhausted - I can't make [our son] travel anymore'


I was with my friend Mary who said 'text back and say 'great, thanks'. It's what he wants, to get a reaction from you. It's not about your son it's about him. Text and say 'great'.

I couldn't of course, but took her advice and wrote 'I expect him back by 12'. I then swallowed some bile as I texted the word 'please' remember to return his passport and steeled myself when I wrote 'Thanks'

Long time followers will know he's like this.

Long time followers know that on silent days in a silent flat which shouldn't be silent there should be a child's laughter ringing in it, I have to let off steam

How's that for a picture....

A whistling RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragH

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