Monday, 6 June 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare

In my son's absence, I told you didn't I that I would take a break from blogging in order to clear that head of mine ready to ask Dobbie to save the Universe, just for me (heh heh).

I didn't clear my head, but I did go to see him.

He recognised me which was great and at the same time was suprised to see me. What would I want now?

Save the Universe Dobbie!

No, of course what I'd planned to say I didn't, but I got my main points out:

The homeless are discriminated against in policy. Please get the Statutory Instrument (whatever that is... yeah, I was still confused by the time I went to see him). He said there were hundreds upon thousands of Statutory Instruments and I looked at him blankly. Well, it felt blankly from my side, I couldn't say what he interpreted because he told me to get a legal organisation such as the Law Centre or Shelter to write to him listing what needed to be changed and he would take that to ministers!

I was quite shocked. I don't know what I expected. Surely I expected that? I couldn't ask for much better could I?

I'd come armed with four letters. One I'd written to him, one I'd written to Miliband, one I'd written to Shapps and the latest one to Clegg. I'd had a whole speech prepared around these letters but all I said was to read them.

One thing that startled me was how startled he looked when I said amending the Statutory Instruments as relates to the homeless was a "symbolic gesture that will rip open the debate. The need, the need..." and he nodded like he understood what I was saying.

He didn't say nothing could be done though did he? He didn't say it was hopeless. He could have done. Imagine he was a Tory.. he would have done, maybe, possibly, perhaps.

This, after what it seems like years I've been campaigning, feels like a beginning. It feels like a beginning that won't have a speedy resolution.

That night I had a dream about the Tortoise and the Hare. The tortoise wins in the end! The tortoise wins!

I must do as Dobbie asked then patiently wait.

Patiently hope.

Patiently believe.

I also promised New Day New Lesson that I would post her link about turtles and rabbits because I read it just the next day and it felt like a brilliant coincidence even though our subject matter differed!

Slow and steady wins the race she says.

My campaign's been slow and hopefully I can one day prove or give hope to others, that slow can finish and finish successfully!



Frankie P said...

Slow and steady will win the day, just wait and see...

Stigmum said...

Not giving up is the key.. but then, there's a thing of knowing when to give up too. It's a hard slog and I don't slog that hard anymore...I'll keep going though, while I'm on this track, see where I end up! Instinct is also key! x