Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A social visit?

My son has a new social worker who is coming round this afternoon.

It has been a long time since the last visit and this new guy inferred on the phone that maybe my son and I didn't need the social services any longer.

There's a fair chance my Child In Need won't be a Child In Need by tonight.

That's good!

Is it good?

I like this flat. If I didn't like this flat, I'd want the social services to help us get out of it. I want to be out of the financial rent horror and temporary leases but I don't want to be out of this flat. Or maybe I do - it's phenomenally expensive to run. Sure, the heating's off now, but come a whiff of cold weather, my walls are made of paper.

Anyway, I've clearly woken up quite low today. I've got a picnic to organise, I should be excited!

I've a flat to tidy...

I can't be arsed. Or rather, there's other things I need to do.

My son is on the social worker's register because I am a messy person. I'm 'harming' him by forcing him to live in my clutter.

Oh flip

I'll tell him if he can't help us with housing, he can't help us at all.

My son will be off their books as a Child In Need.


That's the next eviction if rent arrears don't see us out first.

My son will be off their books as a Child In Need.

Because the social services have always been about me not him and I'm doing fine.

Thank you.


Frankie P said...

Hope it goes well for you this afternoon. So if he is off their books does that affect your housing?

Stigmum said...

It made no difference to my housing with them. Before, I, like others, assumed that with social worker's intervention, well, we'd get the help we need, in our case, a council flat, a secure tenancy.

Social services are more interested in how 'parenting' affects the child, rather than how the system the family is caught in affects the child. Well, in my experience anyway and I write this blog because... i'm not unique!!

I will ask him of course, what I should do in the event of another eviction, can I trust them to help us but I think I know the answer already and my last pre-eviction experience with them, was, quite frankly, bloody awful,which he knows.

So we'll see!