Monday, 20 June 2011

Dobson a Labour traitor?

An article in the Sunday Times yesterday from Minette Marrin accusing Dobson of being a labour traitor as he claims he can't afford to leave his council flat.

She writes what's the point of him, the injustice that the well off occupy council flats at the expense of the poor, which you could say yes if you take me and Dobbie but plenty of poor people live in council housing, loads.

She accuses him of being "disingenous", as £66,000 isn't all he gets, which is true. She also says she can't believe he says he doesn't know how much rent he pays, which crossed my mind too.

She accuses him of "greedy shamelessness" and "selfish indifference", questions his "understanding of social reality", indeed, really goes to town on him.

Her piece juxtaposes beautifully with mine, which will (will will will) appear in the Ham and High.

Marrin's piece ends: "There is aboslutely no point in Labour politicians like him."
My piece ends: "Dobson's the best hope Camden's got."

Couldn't resist sending the Ham and High piece to the Guardian. One of their journalists is off to Harrogate for a housing conference this week.

Blimey, I wish I could go! Got pint pulling to do though haven't I...grrr!


Frankie P said...

I don't understand the full in and outs of housing but if you have a salary of £66,000 why do you need a coucil house? Sgouldn't it go to a family more deserving?

Stigmum said...

I know... Me, 3rd eviction,on my own with my son, no affordable flat. Him with a wife working, maybe it's a lovely flat and he doesn't want to leave. Teeny weeny rent. He's a big defender of council housing though so I don't kind of mind....He could well afford to buy a place but maybe likes renting. I've never asked him. Only ever asked him to help us. My letter to the paper could have been nastier but what's the point. Only short my letter so I'll transpose it on here in a week or so! Oh and don't worry not understanding the ins and outs of housing, tis very boring. I know it because of the three evictions!! xxx