Monday, 27 June 2011


In the meadow at the ladies pond
I'm so lucky
It's the best place to be this beautiful blue sky sunny day
The best
The best!
I AM so lucky!

Wanted to blog this morning
blog then swim?
swim then blog?
Swim then blog or
I wouldn't leave the flat
this beautiful day

To blog:-
1. Housing - 50% social housing - not likely - Evening Standard
2. Housing. Guardian article: If people don't make a noise. I make a noise - do people on benefit not count

Above taken from notebook for after that, the weight of housing thoughts made my head drop onto my sarong and there it remained until I forced myself to go swim again.

(I didn't dive in. First swim of my Crikieth and I didn't dive in.. What.. I think I'm too old now??? One observation about age though, at the ladies pond:

Younger women - blonde hair, brown hair, black hair, red hair, ginger hair, strawberry hair, mousey hair, all kinds of different coloured long and short hair.
Older women - differing shades of long and short grey

Against a luscious green backdrop

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