Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Obstacles and patience...

So simple, so simple I thought it would be.

I ran along to the Law Centre like my good MP told me to (and he is good, he is..) and they said, well the receptionist said, that the lawyers can't write a letter unless the MP writes them a letter specifically asking them to do so.

"Oh really?" I said, incredulous. It didn't help that I met a human rights lawyer at a party a few weeks ago who said statutory instruments were very quick to look up if you are in the field, so when the receptionist said 'It's a lot of work', I erm, didn't quite believe her. And besides, in this case, my MP made it quite clear I had to help him, in order for him to help me. I told him the Law Centre were unlikely to help me, legal aid an' all, and he seemed to think because I wasn't taking a case it should be fine.

I rang the MP's office afterwards. His secretary said that he couldn't write the letter. She also said the Law Centre would only do it if they saw an interest in it.

Do they see an interest in the homeless being given rights or do they think holy fuck, every one will have rights and no-one will be able to exercise them because there's no money and what little legal aid is left is being slashed?

Despondant I was. Despondant because I'd also written to Shelter (you may think that contacting both it wrong but I'm on my own here, I need as much support with my idea as possible...)

Anyway, Shelter haven't gotten back..yet. The MP's secretary said it might take a while.

Cainer told me yesterday to be patient.

I had a dream this morning I should so a course in housing law, become a housing lawyer and write the letter to the MP myself on embossed paper. Wave it at the ministers. It made me tired just thinking about it...

I don't know. Perhaps I should do what my instinct told me yesterday, as well as Cainer, to sit on my hands so I don't bite my nails and pick my cuticles and bide my time.

Argh, you know, sometimes I need to take my own advice and slowwww dowwwwn and trussst that things will work out.

Up hill all the way innit?


Anonymous said...

Well...what about the idea of becoming a housing lawyer or human rights lawyer. You'd achieve several goals..fight the goons/govt using tools and tehcniques that they'd recognise...and be able to earn an income for yourself at the same time. It's food for thought, you write really really well the question of being able to articulate a complex argument wouldn't be difficult especially since also really smart.

Stigmum said...

OH wow thank you!! I was thinking I'd be hopeless as lawyer, especially as I don't feel I can articulate myself at all. Three evictions and using my 'voice' have not had the outcomes for any of them, that I fought for. I failed to advocate for my child. I'm not very confident is the bottom line. I know I didn't think I could do my masters and I achieved it, but this.. no, someone has to help me with what I am able to do, which is, erm, not so sure! I will give what you say some thought though so thank you! x