Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Labour's Housing election priority

I read things late, I do, but yesterday trawling through Guardian online discovered that Ed Miliband has made housing an 'election priority'. He's pledged, a week or so ago, to build 25,000 new homes.

That's all very good but I can't help wishing he'd read out my postcard in PMQ's or whereever. Can you imagine? Sent by a statutory homeless person regarding money for repairs of existing properties? Loaded I reckon, for a good debate afterwards especially as there's also a dead person named on it but then what do statutory homeless people know...

This one has discovered there's a big housing conference going on in Harrogate in two weeks time organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing. The Housing Minister and the Shadow Housing Minister will be there. Should be interesting, in light of Miliband's new pledges!

I wonder if Dobbie will pass my letter to Shapps to Seabeck the Shadow and she'll ask him questions that he hasn't answered me?

That would be quite funny actually, in that stranger things have happened kind of way...

Heh heh heh hmmm

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