Monday, 6 June 2011

The joy of seeing my son!

My beautiful boy finally arrived home from his Spanish holiday at 3pm yesterday afternoon. For the first time ever I spontaneously began to cry which set him off so we hugged hugged hugged and tried to laugh it off!

Maybe it was the anticipation; I'd been looking forward to seeing him since before he even went away! Then for him to be late... I was emotionally knackered....

A curious thing though.

At the very beginning when he went there was a void within me that ached because love and my child resides there and my son was gone, only for a week, but nonetheless gone.

So in order to fill the void, I thought I'd imagine that I had a full time job and a husband.

So I closed my eyes and imagined my full time job that I loved and imagined coming home to a man who I loved and you know what, I missed my son so intensely, that I could not fantasise about that again!

What does that tell ya?!

So from then on whenever that longing came for my child, my child's laugh, my child's hugs, my child's conversations, I just imagined him. I just closed my eyes and pictured his face and the ache would pass.

It rained all afternoon. I'd planned to take him to the Green Fair at Regents Park but we just stayed at home and being home with him, was just the perfect place to be!

Lucky are we who have children, don't you agree?!


Frankie P said...

Couldn't imagine not seeing my boys for a week even thou they drive me batty at times.. lovely post

Stigmum said...

I was so excited to see my boy again, even though I was ok without him but I ended up playing a dreadful waiting game. Made for massive joyous reunion though!!! My son told me he'd cried the night before when his dad said he'd take him to me in the morning. We both had it in our heads.. Still, here we are, managed to get the homework finished this morning after he stayed up late last night. Everything back to normal...! Thank you, writing this and thinking of him has bought a big smile to my face this morning! x