Friday, 24 June 2011

Hopes and dreams

Could Frank Dobson be accused of being a bit rich? (I earn £66,000 but I can’t afford to leave council flat June 18) Compared with many of his financially challenged constituents on the waiting list for housing he could be, maybe.

However in this borough of ever increasing rents, one perhaps must concede that £66,000 probably doesn’t go far in the private sector, and certainly doesn’t guarantee a secure tenancy and a stable place to live in the rental market.

Should he be begrudged living in a council flat when he is a staunch and loyal defender of affordable social housing and lobbies on behalf of those who want and need to live in the areas where they have family, community connections, jobs and children in schools?

Over the last seven years I have appealed to Mr Dobson for help with housing a few times; twice on behalf of my family experiencing recurring evictions, once on behalf of the borough following Jennyfer Spencer’s death on account of inappropriate housing and more recently on behalf of our country, having failed in my appeals to Coalition ministers, including the mayor of London.

Mr Dobson has sent me off to get a letter so get a letter I will if it helps stop the unfolding catastrophe my family is still trapped in. You’d think it would be really easy wouldn’t you, but somewhere this century there are streets perhaps not paved with gold but laid with homes for ordinary people to live in, grow in, and age in without fear.

I reserve all judgement knowing Dobson’s the best hope Camden’s got right now.

Guy who runs the Shack said it was "a good read."
Guy who owns the coffee shop said "it's a difficult one..."
Mum who lives nearby said "Go girl!"

Nothing I have written over the years has had any impact, other than a negative one - afterall, look what this coalitions doing to so many of us - on the back of my articles???

Flip, can't abandon hope can I? Or can !? More to the point, should I?

Let's see what happens ey. I'm just very glad it got published!

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