Friday, 17 June 2011

Crossing the great decade divide

I look forward to new decades. Perhaps that says more about the decade that precedes the one I'm entering, but still, I tend to be positive; clean slates an' all.

I left blogspot I think the day the social worker was meant to come round. He didn't turn up and I was upset because I'd bought my dad a birthday card but hadn't had time to send it because I was sat at home waiting for the appointment.

The following day, I bought a 3/4 bottle of Rose wine, the last one in the supermarket. Why not I thought, a little sup, be thankful for what and who I have in my life.

I started to cry into that bottle. With every sip, a tear would fall. Yeah, aging might have been part of it, but so too, the friends I had at the beginning of the decade, who weren't with me any more. My goodness I sobbed. Good job it was a small bottle...

I woke up on Friday still crying. Thought I'd treat myself to a spot of retail therapy.

I cried on the bus, I cried on the pavements, I cried in the stores, I cried on the tube to Moorgate where I'd been invited to a 'soft launch' - the opening of new restaurant - where I had a Lobster and King Prawn risotto and verily dried me eyes after that!

Panic over my picnic replaced alcohol that evening. I had no Plan B.

After I posted on Tuesday I went back to Oxford Street and returned the goods I'd bought.Well, nothing fit for a start and I'm not that into pink.

So I'll say that crossing the great decade divide can be quite fraught, but once over the other side, quite liberating too.

Well it has been for me.

Like I said, I like new decades. They're like a fresh start, a clean slate, a new page. I've learnt over time not to have any expectations though.

So I have no expectations of what this decade might bring.

Live your days one at a time, moment by moment if you have to.

And Good luck!

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