Friday, 9 April 2010

0 profile views!

I know I said I'd speak no more of profile views, but this is funny.

Just before I went away, I saw that I had 1200 profile views, then I looked to see how many I had when I logged in just now and it said 1301! I was like "wow". I hit it again because I couldn't believe it and it said 1302! I smiled. I hit the back button and looked again at "profile views" and it said 1303! Did it again: 1304! Laughed and thought how funny this was because I've been on 1200 for donkey's years, I went back and hit profile views again! Would I have gone on all night? I don't know! But when I hit it again:


Approximate views since 2009: 0!!

Blogspot, is this my welcome home? You are funny!!


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

same thing just happened to me except I was stuck on 13,000 before - so I googled it and this came up!

Stigmum said...

It's funny these little blogspot experiences! I'm back on 1300 now, but thinking, as I hit it and it goes up, is it all me?!!! It's not of course because you've just commented but really does throw into the space, just who else is reading this?!!
Happy blogging! x